Allurion Gastric Balloon (formerly Elipse Balloon)

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  • As little as £96.50 per month with our finance options
  • Non-surgical and takes 15 minutes
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Typically lose 10 – 15% of your body weight in a few months
  • UK based with 5 star ratings
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“I had my bariatric surgery through Phoenix almost three years ago and it has been absolutely life-changing. I can’t recommend Phoenix highly enough.

The medical and psychological care are phenomenal and the administrative support is superb."


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“The best medical care I have ever received. From the initial phone call I was treated with dignity and respect. No question was ever too small, I was always made to feel like there was time to talk to me."


Why People Choose Phoenix Health

  • We are trusted by the NHS - the only private bariatric surgery provider directly commissioned by the NHS to deliver weight loss surgery.
  • We carry out 600 bariatric surgery procedures and more than 6,000 outpatient consultations every year.
  • We’ve brought together some of the UK’s most experienced surgeons and a team with the skills to safely treat even the most complex patients.
  • Revisional (re-do) surgery is our specialty (15% of Phoenix operations are revisional surgery - the UK average is less than 4%)
  • Established by doctors in 2012, we are in it for the long haul. No other private weight loss surgery group offers free 24/7 expert support and aftercare with your surgeon, bariatric nurse and dietician lasting up to 10 years.
  • We understand the importance of good mental as well as physical health. Only Phoenix routinely carry out a pre-op mental health and eating disorder review by a clinical psychologist, who can then provide additional support if it would benefit you.


  • It’s no surprise that Phoenix Health has the highest Trustpilot rating of any bariatric surgery provider in the UK.
  • 99% of patients gave us the top 5-star rating for honesty, the quality of our service and our friendly professional approach.

Is the Allurion gastric balloon (formerly known as Elipse) right for me?

Gastric balloons, also known as stomach balloons or swallowable balloons, are one of the range of weight loss procedures we offer that restrict your ability to overeat. If you have a BMI over 27 the Allurion gastric balloon could be right for you, particularly if you only need to lose a stone or two and don’t fancy the idea of more invasive treatments like weight loss surgery.

What to expect

Unlike other stomach balloons, the Allurion gastric balloon doesn’t require hospital admission, an endoscopy or an anaesthetic as it is swallowable. The cost of an Allurion gastric balloon is also a lot less than other weight reduction procedures which involve surgery.

It’s a quick 15 minute outpatient procedure performed in the X-ray department, after which you can drive and immediately return to normal activities.

We provide you with a free set of digital scales and a fitness tracker, both of which link to a Bluetooth app on your phone that enables you and our support team to track your progress.

If you already have a Fitbit or Apple Watch, this will also link in to the Allurion app.

You and your support team can message each other over the app and you can even set up remote video consultations with your nutritionist on your phone.


What does it involve?


The procedure involves swallowing a ‘pill’ that contains a soft, collapsed-down balloon.  It is about the length of your thumbnail and is connected to a long thin tube.

Once the swallowed pill reaches your stomach we take a safety X-ray to double-check its position.


We then gradually fill the gastric balloon with distilled water containing a small amount of food preservative.

The filling tube is gently removed leaving the balloon behind in your stomach.


After 3-4 months, the action of the food preservative encourages part of the balloon wall to biodegrade, releasing the harmless fluid inside and allowing the balloon to empty.

The deflated Allurion Elipse balloon passes out of the stomach before being expelled naturally from your body through the digestive system.

It means that it’s extremely unlikely you’ll need to come back to the clinic for balloon removal.

Overview of Procedure

Watch the animation video to find out more about how we perform the Allurion balloon procedure.

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Trusted UK Team

Cost is important, when considering any weight loss procedure, but safety is always paramount.

Please don’t risk your life and health by choosing cut-price overseas treatment. UK surgeons regularly see the harm done to patients resulting from botched weight loss operations and inadequate aftercare arrangements.

Our GMC-registered UK-trained surgeons are regulated to a very high standard. They will have an honest and open discussion with you about the risks and benefits of different kinds of procedures and answer any questions you have.  You can be confident you are getting good advice, and being treated by a reputable team who will always be there for you after your treatment.

Free 3-Step Triple Assessment

If you like the idea of an Allurion gastric balloon (formerly known as Elipse), the next step is to arrange a series of in-depth assessments with your surgeon and dietician. We also ask you to complete a screening questionnaire designed to identify unhelpful psychological or emotional factors (such as binge eating) that might prevent you getting the most out of your balloon.  If we feel this is the case, we can arrange for a psychologist to give you  one-to-one support if you wish.The Triple Assessment (surgeon, dietician and psychology screening questionnaire) costs just £100 but we will refund this in full if you undergo the procedure with us.

If you’re not suited to an Allurion swallowable balloon, you won’t have wasted your money as we will discuss alternative options with you.  It is very rare for someone to be unsuitable for any kind of weight loss intervention.


Customised Aftercare Package

We don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to aftercare. Our packages allow you to design a programme that suits your individual needs.

You can choose

  • the duration of your follow up (6 or 12 months)
  • whether you want one Allurion gastric balloon or two (the second balloon is placed about 6 months after the first)
  • pre and post-insertion consultations with our psychologists.

All of our packages include support from dieticians who specialise in the nutritional needs of someone who has had a gastric balloon and all give you on-going access to our surgeons and nurses.

If you wish to have the balloon removed due to early intolerance we will do this for you at no additional charge.

Finance Packages available from as little as £96.50 per month

To help you start your journey, we offer a range of flexible finance packages (subject to approval) that can spread the cost over 2- 5 years.  Looking after your health is the best investment you can make and an Allurion Elipse swallowable balloon can cost as little as £96.50 per month*.

The cost of an Allurion gastric balloon (formerly known as Elipse) depends on the package you choose:

  • £4,150 for a single Allurion gastric balloon and 6 months follow-up
  • £7,300 for two Allurion gastric balloons and 12 months follow-up (the second Allurion balloon is swallowed a few weeks after the original gastric balloon has passed naturally)

Should you be one of the unlucky minority who struggle to tolerate the balloon in the first couple of weeks, there is no extra cost to you for having it removed early.

*Subject to acceptance. No deposit required. £4,150 repaid over 5 years at 14.9% APR. Monthly repayment £96.50



You’re in safe hands with us


What is the waiting time for Allurion gastric balloon treatment?

We can book you in for a free (refundable) assessment within a matter of days.

Once this is completed, if you are suitable for treatment and happy to go ahead, we can give you a provisional date for treatment.

It is always a good idea to have a ‘cooling off’ period when taking big decisions, but even so it’s unusual to have to wait more than 4 weeks between consultation and treatment.

You will be treated in a private hospital with a choice of locations around the UK.

How much weight can I expect to lose with an Allurion gastric balloon?

Clinical studies have shown that patients lose about 14% of their body weight in the first 4 months after Allurion gastric balloon placement.

So if you weighed 95kg (15 stones) we’d expect to see just over 2 stones weight loss, most of which is lost in the first 2 months.

Once the Allurion Elipse balloon deflates and leaves my body won't I just put all the weight back on?

The Allurion balloon (formerly known as Elipse) is a great way to kickstart your weight loss and so long as you make healthy lifestyle and dietary choices a part of your routine you should keep most of the weight off.

Indeed clinical studies have shown about 94% of the weight lost in the first 4 months after Allurion gastric balloon placement will stay off up to a year later.

Can everyone swallow the 'gastric pill'?

More than 99% of people can swallow the Allurion capsule.

3 out of 10 people need a little extra help from a device called a stylet. This is a thin flexible wire that is passed down the filling tube to stiffen it. The stylet allows the doctor to gently ease the capsule past the back of your throat after which it is easily washed down with some water.

What are the main complications of an Allurion gastric balloon?

In the first few days after Allurion gastric balloon placement, mild to moderate symptoms related to the balloon are common and expected. These are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Acid Reflux

Because we know these troublesome symptoms are likely to happen we provide you with a supply of strong anti-sickness and antacid medications along with advice as to how best to control them. They usually settle within 1 week.

If they don’t improve, we might have to consider IV rehydration or even early balloon removal. Analysis of over 64,000 Allurion balloon insertions indicates that early removal is required in about 0.2% of patients (1 in 500).

Are there other risks and side effects later on?

The first thing to say is that after the expected symptoms in the first week or so, more than 98% of Allurion gastric balloon patients don’t get any complications at all. So it is worth trying to persevere with troublesome early symptoms if you can.

Apart from balloon intolerance (0.2%), the most commonly reported later problems (all rare) are:

  • Premature deflation 0.35%
  • Hyperinflation 0.07%
  • Small bowel obstruction 0.05%
  • Gastric outlet obstruction 0.04%
  • Pancreatitis 0.02%
  • Gastric Perforation 0.02%
  • Difficulty swallowing 0.01%
  • Bleeding from the stomach 0.01%
  • Delayed Intestinal Transit 0.01%

Can I get the Allurion gastric balloon done in Ireland?


At the present time we offer a gastric balloon service (Allurion and Orbera) and outpatient follow-up/gastric band adjustment clinics in Northern Ireland only.

Irish patients wishing to undergo gastric band, sleeve or gastric bypass surgery are treated in England and followed up either virtually or face-to-face in Belfast.

How much does an Allurion gastric balloon cost?

An Allurion gastric balloon with Phoenix Health costs

£4,150 for a single Allurion balloon and 6 months follow-up
£7,300 for two Allurion balloons and 12 months follow-up (the second Allurion is swallowed a few weeks after the original balloon has passed naturally)

If you are eligible for one of our flexible finance packages an Allurion gastric balloon can cost as little as £96.50 per month.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

You can read our terms and conditions here: Phoenix Health Terms and Conditions

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